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September 2013



We're pleased to announce that the release of our NEW music video, "SHIPWRECKED AFFAIR", is set for this Thursday 26th of September on ASHENT official YouTube channel!
The song is taken from our latest effort "INHERITANCE", released by Lion Music in 2012.
The videoclip has been recorded in VENICE by Francesco Sogaro and Valeria Battain, and it features the appearance of our friend Enrico "Ukka" Longhin from the Italian label mates THE MOOR.
"SHIPWRECKED AFFAIR", along with the song "FRACTURAL", is featured on the soundtrack of the independent movie "Back From Hell" (aka Ex Inferis), produced by The Talking Tree and distributed worldwide by Opus Distribution (2011) and by Inception Media Group in USA.

The videoclip will be premiered by on Wednesday 25th of September.

July 2013


Progressive metal outfit ASHENT have just finished filming the video for “Shipwrecked Affair”.
Taken from their current critically acclaimed “INHERITANCE” album; the video marks the second promotional video from "Inheritance" following on from “Magnification Of A Daydream” which saw release in 2012 (viewable at

The upcoming clip features some scenes shot on location in Venice, Italy, in addition to a guest appearance in an acting role from ENRICO ‘UKKA’ LONGHIN of Lion Music label mates THE MOOR. The video is about to commence editing and post production with an anticipated release in August/September 2013.

In the meantime get the full info of “Inheritance” at



Ashent - Flaws Of Elation
Following on from the recent success of Inheritance the latest release from Italian progressive metal outfit Ashent, Lion Music are pleased to offer up a timely reissue of the bands long out of print 2006 debut album Flaws Of Elation. In addition this new print comes with all new artwork and the additional bonus of the bands very first ultra rare 2003 4 track demo!

FLAWS OF ELATION is a prog-power experience with some modern techno-thrash influences which are reflected in the way Ashent arrange and play guitars and drums. There are also some death metal references, in the mode the band use growling as backing vocals that have their importance in the economy of Ashent’s sound, wisely mixed with a modern prog attitude that uses avant-garde and gothic elements in order to create intense and dramatic music. The atmosphere is very dark, but the vocals of American vocalist Steve Braun are extremely melodic, supported by some beautiful orchestrations.

On FLAWS OF ELATION bassist Gianpaolo Falanga comments, “FLAWS OF ELATION was our debut, originally released seven years ago. Looking back now we wanted to share for the first time our complete musical vision for the long distance demonstrating that the progressive power metal could be created in a more aggressive and personal way than the usual clichés heard in the genre. We aimed to develop a balance between catchy vocals and huge riffing, creating true songs with interesting arrangements.”

On the change in sound from the bonus 2003 demos to the FLAWS OF ELATION album Gian comments, “At the time of our first official demo, the songs had a more ‘power-metal’ attitude, with less complex drum work and keyboards being more dominant. We decided to release the 2003 demos at the end of this reissue in order to underline the stylistic differences between the four songs in the original 2003 version, in comparison with the 2006 versions. You can clearly observe the renewed sound approach, with the introduction of seven strings guitars, more dynamic drum patterns and fills, but also a lot of choirs and harmonizations, with the aim to magnify the two sides of our sound: the aggressive and the melodic.”

Not only does the FLAWS OF ELATION album mark a refinement of the band’s sound, but also a change in personnel with new singer Steve Braun, drummer Davide Buso and guitarist Cristiano Bergamo joining the band between the album’s creation and the 2003 demos.

Ashent – FLAWS OF ELATION sees release through Lion Music on 19th April 2013.

01. Flaws of Men
02. Mhysteric
03. Awakened’s transitions
04. Fallen Angel
05. Illusory
06. Silent Remedy
07. Anaemic Ardency
08. Persistence of Frailty
09. A Puzzled Sentiment
10. Eden
11. Awakened’s transitions (demo 2003)
12. Fallen Angel (demo 2003)
13. Anaemic Ardency (demo 2003)
14. Eden (demo 2003)

Steve Braun (vocals)
Onofrio Falanga (guitars)
Gianpaolo Falanga (bass and growl)
Davide Buso (drums)
Cristiano Bergamo (guitars)
Paolo Torresani (keyboards)

ASHENT (demo) Lineup:
Max Zhena (vocals)
Onofrio Falanga (guitars)
Gianpaolo Falanga (bass and growl)
Jacopo “JC” De Simone (drums)
Thomas Giro (guitars)
Paolo Torresani (keyboards)

Produced by Onofrio Falanga, Gianpaolo Falanga and Luigi Stefanini
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Luigi Stefanini at New Sin Studio, January 2006
Drum recorded at The Outer Sound Studio, December 2005
Guitar solo on “Fallen Angel” by Gianluca Ferro ( )

ASHENT (demo):
Produced by Onofrio Falanga, Gianpaolo Falanga and Luigi Stefanini
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Luigi Stefanini at New Sin Studio, February 2003
Reissue artwork and layout by Mario Sànchez Nevado ( )

December 2012


"SHIPWRECKED AFFAIR" live performance, supporting JORN LANDE on stage!

"EVE" live performance, supporting JORN LANDE on stage!

"SINKING BENEATH" live performance, supporting JORN LANDE on stage!




November 2012

ASHENT will support JORN LANDE on stage, on December 13!



October 2012







September 2012

Italian progressive metal outfit ASHENT are proud to announce their first official music video for the track “Magnification Of A Daydream” !
Taken from Ashent’s new album “Inheritance” out 21 September 2012 on Lion Music, the video, directed by Francesco Sogaro with the precious collaboration of Valeria Battain is a conceptualised part live performance/part dramatisation perfectly representing the tracks vision.
"Inheritance" marks Ashent’s third album and welcomes three new members - Titta Tani (Goblin, Daemonia, ex-Necrophagia, ex-DGM), Gilles Boscolo on keyboards and Alessandro Cossu on second guitar - to the band. ASHENT would also like to thank Giulia Antonello (actress) and Debora Palmerini (make-up) for their disposability and professionality!





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